• I sincerely loved the atmosphere , from the moment I Walked in. I was terrified , as I always have been of the dentist. I was at ease as soon as the dental assistant asked me what kind of music I liked and what tv shows I watched .... Then Dr. Grantham came in and told me step by step what was to occur and my options . 250% bedside manner , personable, kind and funny. Distracting with convo too( which helps immensely while having dental work done!!) so much so I brought my son in to see her and her staff today. And I am still utterly pleased with how we were treated. 10 stars! Thank you shore smiles!

    Saima S.

  • Dr. Grantham has a beautiful office with friendly staff in a convenient location. I highly recommend coming to visit, you will be happy you did!

    Paul R.

  • I've always had a fear of going to the dentist. I hate needles, I hate tools grinding on my teeth, etc. But this is the only dentist's office I've ever been to where I've felt so welcomed and comfortable. The staff are all super friendly!

    Jena M.

  • These girls are awesome! They are very nice and friendly, plus they are very good at what they do!!! Thank you very much ladies!

    2/21/2015....Just got my temporary crown and post done and as always the best dentist never took care of me! I swear, if all the dentist were as good and as she is and had as great of a staff as she has, I may not be in as bad a shape as i was!

    Thomas P.

  • First time at this office, loved it! Clean, great staff and Dentist!
    Happy to have found a new Dentist

    Kathy L.

  • Dr. Grantham is the best! She did some fillings for me and everything was great. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs a dentist!!!

    John B.

  • Best place ever! My teeth are always immaculate after leaving. Never hurts, either. I love going to the dentist!

    April K.